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TOR Integrated Privacy Coin

About PRiVCY

Leaving no stone unturned PRiVCY aims to be the leading anonymous, private, & secure coin development. In the name of anonymity, and privacy this is an ever growing project.

Coin Distribution

Even distribution amongst the community, make sure not to miss out!


Date: June 9th - October 13th

Max Supply 30,000,000 PRiV

Total Premined: 21,000,000 PRiV

Airdropped: 11,000,000 PRiV

1st Round: 1 million PRiV

2-3 Round: 550,000 PRiV

4th Round: 500,000 PRiV

5-10 Round: 450,000 PRiV

11th Round: 750,000 PRiV

12-20 Round: 550,000 PRiV

TOR Integrated

Providing the anonymity & security which you deserve.


Follow our roadmap as we progress on this journey together!


- Launch of Privcy.io
- Pre-announcement BitCoinTalk ANN thread
- Launch of Social Media Campaigns

2018 May


Building our Foundation

- Start of Distribution (AIRDROP)
- Bounty campaign
- Giveaway campaign
- Application to exchanges
- PoS & PoW starts

2018 June


Key Releases

- Release of WhitePaper
- Sponsorship of key Crypto Influencers

2018 Q3


New Beginning

- End of Free Distribution (AIRDROP)
- Applications to new exchanges
- Increased marketing presence SEO campaigns

2018 Q4


Mobile Application

Future Applications
- Android/iOS Wallets
- Improved Privacy features
- PRiVCY Holders driven development

2019 Q1

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