About PRiVCY

PRiVCY Coin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which bitcoin was built as it allows completely private transactions, faster confirmation rates and achieve consensus through the combination of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work technology, rather than solely depending on PoW.

PRiVCY enables instant, near-zero cost transactions to anyone anywhere in the world. It is an open source global payment network that is fully decentralized without being dependent on any centralized authority such as banks or governments. Fueled by Computation and secured by Mathematics, PRiVCY Coin network empowers individuals to control their own finances by themselves. Being operated through the TOR network a highly secure private network our blockchain network ensures that your wallet IP remains hidden for any transactional activity, and so does your geographical location.

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Select a wallet to store your PRiV so you can start staking and verifying on our network.



PRiVCY core is the fundamental GUI application for our blockchain, with constant improvements and updates we'll build our foundation



PRiVCY Coin keeps it's macOS users up to date with it's latest builds being compatible with macOS High Sierra, Mojave, and higher.



Stay up to date with our new releases and follow our on going development. This includes open-source, linux, any manymore options.


What we've done and what we're planning to do

Download Our Documents

Below you will find documents that will better inform you in understanding our some ground rules in regards to our cryptocurrency coin, privacy policy, & terms of service.

Our white paper outlines the technical aspects of our blockchain, problems in which we intend to solve or better, how we will address these concerns, and a comprehensive description of the coin premine as well as the distribution strategy during our AirDrops.

Privacy Policy's intended agreement purpose is to inform users (you!) about our collection and use of personal data of our users. Terms & Conditions (T&C) agreement sets forth terms, conditions, requirements, and clauses relating to the use of our website or mobile/desktop app.

PRiVCY White Paper

Our Team

We understand that in order for our community to move forward there are real-world occurrences that will require us to reveal our identity. Please understand the use of aliases unless otherwise needed.
This is all in the best interest of PRiVCY.



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Chief Financial Officer



Chief Marketing Officer

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The ability to have PRiV readily available has become more widespread, coming soon.

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