Own your Privacy!

Leaving no stone unturned PRiVCY aims to be the leading anonymous, private, & a secure coin development. In the name of anonymity, and privacy this is an ever-growing project.


Anonymous Transaction

Unlike Other Cryptocurrencies PRiVCY is utilizing TOR Technology to make transaction anonymous and safe against government prying eyes

Active Development

The privacy Development team is always available to serve the whole PRiVCY Community

Growing Community

PRiVCY is one of the fastest growing community in the cryptocurrency market today


Fast Transaction

PRiVCY is a hybrid cryptocurrency that offers fast and secure transaction

Cost-Effective Transaction

Compare to traditional banking system and payment processor PRiVCY offers near zero transaction fees

Proof of Stake

Aside from POW, PRiVCY coin can also be mined via Proof of Stake making it more cost-effective compared to traditional POW mining


What we've done and what we're planning to do
  1. Introduction

    Launch of Privcy.io

  2. We're here

    Pre-announcement BitCoinTalk ANN thread
    Launch of Social Media Campaigns

  3. Building our Foundation

    Start of Distribution (AIRDROP)
    PoS & PoW starts

  4. Key Releases

    Release of WhitePaper

  5. Spreading PRiVCY

    Sponsorship of key Crypto Influencers

  6. New Beginning

    End of Free Distribution (AIRDROP)
    Applications to new exchanges
    Increased marketing presence SEO campaigns

  7. Mobile Application

    Future Applications
    Android/iOS Wallets
    Improved Privacy features

  8. We hear you

    PRiVCY Holders driven development

About PRiV

PRiVCY is POW/POS privacy project, utilizing number of security elements to protect anonymity of PRiVCY users. Coin is integrated with TOR and has Stealth Addresses enabled to provide additional layers of privacy & security. PRiVCY offers fast, secure and cheap transactions.

Wallet Download

Windows Wallet

v 1.2.1

Mac OS X Wallet

v 1.2.1

Linux Wallet

v 1.2.1

Ecommerce Plugins

Start accepting PRiV in your ecommerce website!

Coin Distribution

Even distribution amongst the community, make sure not to miss out!


Aidrop Details

 June 9th – October 13th

Max Supply 30,000,000 PRiV

Total Premined: 21,000,000 PRiV

Airdropped: 11,000,000 PRiV

1st Round: 1 million PRiV

2-3 Round: 550,000 PRiV

4th Round: 500,000 PRiV

5-10 Round: 450,000 PRiV

11th Round: 750,000 PRiV

12-20 Round: 550,000 PRiV

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